Last August I was exposed to extreme toxic chemicals that were applied to concrete in the basement of my home. Long story short…my neck locked up and my left ear plugged. For the next two months I tried to detox my body and release the toxic load. Gradually my neck loosened. I noticed my digestion had gotten worse and I wasn’t releasing toxins at all. I was putting on weight as that’s the bodies way of storing toxins when it cannot process and eliminate correctly. I also showed neurological problems. Memory loss, difficulty focusing, fatigue, etc. After understanding how the Lights could assist bringing my body back to homeostasis, I decided to purchase the In Light Wellness System.

Three months later I feel 90% back to normal. What I notice the most is my mood is consistency lighter and happier. I am much calmer in dealing with stress, my overall energy and enthusiasm is much higher and my digestion has also greatly improved. I find the days I skip using the lights I most definitely can tell I skipped. I’m thoroughly thankful and grateful I purchased the set and I’m becoming addicted. :):) Both of my boys love them as well and it’s great for helping them relax! Cold and flu season is not as severe or as long with light usage. Gratefully yours,