My device needs repair, is it under warranty?2015-08-12T16:58:56+00:00

You can go HERE to read about our warranty and repair policy and information, and to fill out the Return and Repair Authorization form.

What do I need to send in for a warranty/repair order?2015-08-12T16:59:12+00:00

We ask that you send your ENTIRE system in when doing a repair order so that we may diagnose the entire system for causes to your issue. Your shipment should include the pad(s), controller(s), and the power supply provided with each system.

How do I purchase a system?2015-08-12T16:59:30+00:00

If you would like more information on purchasing an In Light Wellness Systems system or device, please call me at  415-250-4681  or email me at April@InLight4Life.com with your location and contact information and we will connect you with the closest distributor to your area.


How are ILWS systems different than other light therapy systems?2015-08-12T16:59:49+00:00

In Light Wellness Systems has 30 years of history in innovation and advancement of light therapy devices, and prides itself in the fact that each device is not only manufactured right here in the US with the highest quality materials available, but also carries FDA Clearance.

I have a 6/PORT controller. What does the “MUTE” button do?2020-04-24T21:09:02+00:00

The MUTE button enables you to chose between having a silent timer count down or have a beeping to notify you of timer completion during sessions.

How do I clean my pads?2015-08-12T17:00:24+00:00

You can use a disinfectant wipe to clean the LEDs and neoprene of the pad, or you can place the pad into a clear plastic bag and then apply to the skin to minimize cleaning. Do not soak or submerge the pad. If you would like to clean the pad with a liquid cleanser, first spray the cleanser onto a paper towel and then use the paper towel to wipe down the pad.

How do I use the pads?2015-08-12T17:00:42+00:00

It is as simple as placing the pads light side down against the skin of the target area, turning the controller on, and waiting until the session has ended.

What makes the ILWS irivisium superflux diodes different than other diodes?2015-08-12T17:01:01+00:00

Durability, high quality, and level of light output set the irivisium superflux diodes apart from the rest.

What is the difference between the MICRO controller and the 1/PORT controller?2015-08-12T17:01:19+00:00

The MICRO controller and 1/PORT controller both utilize the convenient, mobility-friendly MICRO controller housing case, but the 1/PORT is limited to only 1 port while the MICRO can have up to 2 ports.

How long should I use my light pads?2015-08-12T17:01:39+00:00

The In Light Wellness Systems™ standard protocol for treatment is twice a day for 20 minutes per session as follows:

  • Allow the unit to commence in automated more for 20 minutes or select a single setting and treat for 20 minutes
  • Additional sessions may speed up results. Do not apply to an area for more than 20 minutes in a 5-hour period. Do not exceed 60 minutes of application to an area in a 24-hour period.

What are the difference between each program setting?2015-08-12T17:01:58+00:00

Settings 1-7 increase in frequency in the rate of pulsing in each LED, while programs A, B, ad C are cumulative programs of each frequency.

Do I have to use a specific pad on a specific part of my body?2015-08-12T17:02:24+00:00

While some pads are designed to fit certain parts of the body better, any pad can be used on any part of the body.

Are the pads safe to use on animals?2015-08-12T17:02:44+00:00

We have received stories and photos of customers using the devices on their animals.

Why are there only three wavelengths used?2015-08-12T17:03:04+00:00

Research that has been done on light therapy has shown benefits with red, blue, and infrared lights.

What does light therapy do to the body?2015-08-12T17:03:21+00:00

You can watch a short animated video HERE that explains how light therapy affects the body.

What is ‘polychromatic’ light therapy?2015-08-12T16:43:39+00:00

Polychromatic light therapy means that more than one (1) light wavelength, or color, is used simultaneously. In Light Wellness Systems™ uses at least least two (2) different light wavelengths in every pad.

What is the difference between blue, red, and infrared light?2015-08-12T16:43:57+00:00

Blue light has a penetrating depth of 2-3mm, red light has a penetrating depth of 8-10mm, and infrared light has a penetrating depth of 20-100mm.