Brittany received a elbow fracture after being knocked down by a bicyclist running a red light! AND Accelerating the healing process with the In Light Wellness System. “


Accelerate Wound Healing with LED Light Therapy 

The Revitalizing Power of Nitric Oxide

Releases acetylcholinebalances the parasympathetic nervous system

Improve circulation—(vasodilation) reduces inflammation and decreases pain

Increases angiogenesis—builds new vessels

Increases lymphatic activity—decreases swelling

Increases cell regeneration—(wound healing) stimulates tissue granulation & connective tissue

Increases bone mineralization—reduces osteoporosis

Increases phagocytosis—improved immune response

Increases RNA-DNA synthesis—cell building

“We believe that the use of NASA light-emitting diodes (LED) for light therapy will greatly enhance the natural wound healing process, and more quickly return the patient to a pre-injury/illness level of activity. This work is supported and managed through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and NASA Marshall Space Flight Center-SBIR Program.” (Whelan, HT et al. 2003)

“Photobiomodulation by light in the red to near infrared range (630-1000nm) using low energy lasers or light-emitting diode (LED) arrays has been shown to accelerate wound healing, improve recovery from ischemic injury in the heart and attenuate degeneration in the injured optic nerve.” (Eells, et al. 2004)

“Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is being evaluated and introduced into clinical practice for treating both chronic and acute pain, aiding wound healing, decreasing the effects of stroke and for other applications.” (Yamaura, et al. 2009)