blue_Painbuster90-150x150Is Blue Light the new Antibiotic…?

Blue Light is known for offering help with mood disorders (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and for boosting neurotransmitter production, specifically serotonin. Research is now showing many more advantages to using Blue Light and Infrared Therapy.
With antibiotic-resistant infections on the rise, it’s nice to know there may be some very effective new strategies to address this problem. Best of all, these strategies are not dependent on pharmaceuticals.
“Optimizing your vitamin D levels appears to be an important first-line of defense, which may protect you against becoming an unwitting carrier of dangerous pathogens that are extremely difficult to treat. And the use of blue light therapy could turn into a much-needed lifesaving treatment against serious skin and tissue infections…”   – Dr. Mercola
  • For the skin, Infrared is the best for stimulating collagen reproduction and synthesis, which is the basis for most wrinkles getting set up in the tissues.
  • Blue light helps on the smaller factors which contribute to tissue breakdown over time due to stress and lack of blood flow and lymph flow.
  • Blue light is the best when working skin situations as it helps with the conversion of bilirubin under the skin, the primarily the issue with skin eruptions.
  • It helps to speed up DNA and RNA synthesis, meaning it helps cells to produce proteins for repair and also aids other cells by donating these proteins.
  • It also speeds up detoxification of the cells and is considered anti-pathogenic (bacterial, fungal, parasitic, viral, etc.)
  • Helps to stimulate DNA telomerase enzyme which is responsible for rebuilding the telomeres (protective tips) of the DNA.
  • Aids any skin issue, including scars, birthmarks, stretch marks, aging (degeneration) and acne.
  • Increases Nitric Oxide locally in the epidermis (skin), which increases blood flow and lymph flow to help breakdown and dissolve acidosis conditions in the skin (age spots).
  • You could also use it for toenail fungus, ANY area that is red and inflamed, the blue/infrared will calm it down quicker than any other.
  • Thyroid/throat and lung issues.
  • Also good for lymph stimulation, and nervous system rebalancing.
  • Blue light is very good for helping with liver functions, in restoring and balancing, relative to bile flow.
  • Blue light has also shown in research to eradicate MRSA bacteria and certain forms of strep and staph on exposure.